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5 Things A Mars Woman Should Look for In a Husband:

Mars women (or successful career women) need a mate who will support their lifestyle and dreams while still allowing them to have a family (if that’s what they both want).  I will cover 5 things a Mars woman should look for in a future husband here:

  1. HE SUPPORTS YOUR DREAMS:  He is not threatened by your success.  In fact, he is willing to balance it with his own.
  2. HE RESPECTS YOUR OPINION:  He knows you are intelligent and he respects your opinion as much as his own.  You are a team in decision-making.
  3. HE’S POTENTIALLY A GOOD HUSBAND & FATHER:  This seems obvious but so many singles act on attraction, chemistry and feelings.  You will be making a lifelong commitment to this person and if you have a family, this involves being partners in two jobs–being a spouse and parent (and lover would be a third).  But most women do not think practically about whether a date would fit this bill.  Mars women work long hours and are passionate about their dreams and goals in the outer world.  Most are great mothers but it benefits them and their kids to have an active, involved dad in the picture to fill in too.  Things will get hectic so it’s important to consider this early on.

My book helps Mars women look at the qualities they would most need in a husband and father.

HE’S DOMESTIC OR HIRES A DOMESTIC PERSON:  Mars women are working a lot and many do not want to come home and do 10 hours of housework a week.  They did not do this before they were married and they don’t want to sign on for that job just because they are female.  Yet, it has to get done.  So, either there is an agreement to have an equitable arrangement between partners at the start or the couple can hire third party help.  Don’t assume this will be the case without a discussion.  Love may conquer a lot but it doesn’t decimate dirty laundry.

HE IS FLEXIBLE AND OPEN-MINDED:  The best relationships can hold challenging circumstances like illness, job loss etcetera.  If both partners are whole, flexible and open-minded then they will both be prepared to work less or more or to stay with the children as needed, gender stereotypes aside.  This is also a good discussion for peer couples to have.

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