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5 Ways Balanced Partners Lead to Better Partnerships:

1. BOTH PEOPLE HAVE A BETTER WORK/LIFE BALANCE:  When both men and women work and care for the kids then they have more balance within and in the relationship.

2. THE RELATIONSHIP HAS MORE FLEXIBILITY:  If someone loses a job, has an illness or has to care for a child, the other partner can work more or stay home more.

3. BOTH PEOPLE ARE FULFILLED AT WORK AND IN THEIR RELATIONSHIP:  Sometimes if one person is always working to support the family, they have less time for romance or parenting.  In contrast, sometimes when just one partner stays home they can feel unfulfilled in the outer world.  (This is not always the case).  But, when both partners work, they can address both parts of their psyche.

4. BOTH PEOPLE CAN ENCOURAGE EACH OTHER’S GOALS: In the past women were the cheerleader behind the man.  They supported their kids, husband, his career and their household needs.  Oftentimes her needs and dreams were unknown or unsupported.  Today both partners can be cheerleaders in each other’s goals and can help one another achieve them.

5. CHILDREN HAVE ROLE MODELS OF TWO WHOLE PEOPLE:  In the past mommy represented the home and daddy represented the outside world.  As a result our daughters automatically assumed they could not be CEOs or astronauts.  Today if they have role models of both parents doing both roles, the world will be full of possibility for them-male or female.

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