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Are Men and Women from Different Planets…I Say No:

Experts say that men and women are from different planets.  Men and women may have overdeveloped respective competencies and roles, but is this really a model that will promote our wholeness and potential as individuals and as a society?  And, what is the struggle between Masculine and Feminine energy currently doing to our planet Earth?

If we don’t start to ponder this question, we may not remain on Earth (whether we are men or women).  We are all in the same boat.

We are being called to wholeness.  As Freud once said, “Two hallmarks of a healthy life are the abilities to love and to work. Each requires imagination.”  And each task requires the balancing of Feminine and Masculine energy within ourselves and in our romantic relationships.  can you imagine a world where men and women work together in all areas and their children were whole ?

Dr. Sherman will explain how both sexes are global citizens of this planet and how we can create true partnership for ourselves and our children, beginning with how we date.

To explore this new love consciousness, order my upcoming book:  When Mars Women Date: How Career Women Love Themselves into the Relationship of Their Dreams by Dr. Paulette Kouffman Sherman.

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About this Author:

Dr. Paulette Kouffman Sherman is a licensed psychologist, owner of My Dating School (, author of Dating from the Inside Out, published by Atria Books, a regular speaker at The Learning Annex and is the NY Love Examiner. She’s been an expert on television like the CBS Early Show & the AM Northwest Early Show and a radio guest on the Curtis Sliwa show. She’s been quoted on, USA Weekend, the NY Post, Newsweek,, More,,, Fox Business, Better Homes & Gardens, Reader’s Digest, Redbook, Glamour, Forbes, Woman’s Day, Metro news­papers, Men’s Health, Seventeen, Complete Woman magazines, and the NY Times.  Her new book, When Mars Women Date: How Career Women Can Love Themselves into the Relationship of their Dreams ebook can be ordered on Amazon through October. It will come out in the print version in December.  Learn more about it on her website:!