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The Top Dating Complaints That Single Men Have About Single Mars Women

1. They Think Mars Women Are Controlling & Pushy:

Although the men I interviewed seem comfortable with assertive women, they want to know that their opinions are respected too  Sometimes powerful women are so accustomed to being in charge that they demand things be a certain way without asking their date what he wants and making a suitable compromise.   I want you to consider what you feel about being vulnerable and receiving help and love in your relationships too.

2.  They Can Be Perfectionists:

Often successful women are hard on themselves and they’re used to demanding perfection.  This may be helpful at work but it is too intense in dating. No one wants to feel like they are being inspected for flaws, especially early on. Both men and women want to be admired, appreciated and respected. This does not mean that a successful woman should pretend to be   someone she isn’t. Rather, if she tends to discount the great things about someone and focus on their one challenging characteristic, she can notice that internal pattern and change her behavior. Perhaps she can authentically compliment her date or look for positives in him, whether he is husband material or not.

3. They Are Angry With Men & Patriarchy

Often successful career women have had to push their way to the top.  Sometimes they’ve been unfairly treated by male bosses or co-workers.  They may have developed armor or a chip on their shoulder as a result, but this isn’t attractive or welcoming when dating.  Men want to be liked and they don’t want to take on undirected anger that belongs to past experiences and other people.

4.  They’re serious and don’t know how to have fun or to emotionally connect:

Often professional women have to work overtime to appear professional and to obtain leadership and respect.  It may be hard to turn this persona off and to loosen up on dates.  Men report that their dates feel like a job interview.  Mars women won’t laugh and enjoy themselves in the moment.  They always say that there is a lid for every pot, but often the men who like completely work-oriented and unemotional women are interested in more of a “business arrangement” as a relationship.  For example, in the film Baby Boom the lead character had a relationship like this, based on Masculine energy where the priority was their work lives, logic and practicalities.  When the heroine inherits a baby and started to incorporate some Feminine energy, emotion, and connection into her life, her boyfriend left.  He could not handle the emotionality of the situation.  So, I am not saying that your work should not be a priority of course, but I want you to think about the reasons you want a relationship and make that important too.  Do you want a practical arrangement or intimacy and an emotional connection? If it’s the latter, you will want to bring an emotional connection, sexuality and joy into your relationship also.

5. They Won’t Make Time for a Relationship:

I tell successful men and women alike that they can get a matchmaker or dating couch but they cannot farm out love.  Relationships do require work on both peoples parts.  I still think it is possible for women and men to have successful careers and relationships but they both need to work at both.  Mars women may be as guilty of prioritizing work over romance as successful men have been (ironically these men have never had much problem getting married).  But in any event, in a healthy relationship both people need to make the other person feel important.  So, if you’re a Mars woman who forgets this, pay attention going forward.

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