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What is a Mars Woman?

A “Mars woman” is a successful, professional woman who is often outspoken, incredibly competent, earns a good living, and is an intelligent leader. She identifies with some traditionally “Masculine” traits such as being assertive and action-oriented.  She respects her own thinking abilities, and wants to leave her mark in the outside world. She likes to be appreciated and respected, and wants to share the decision-making within her relationships.

Most Mars women have some commonalities in their upbringing.  According to Dr. Rimm in See Jane Win, many Mars Women had parents who set high expectations for them. These young women invested time in study, were very involved in extracurricular activities, won competitions, received awards, traveled, played sports, were independent, and had a strong work ethic.

The Mars woman is more Masculine than John Gray’s Venus women, from his book, ‘Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.”  A Mars woman may not have predominantly “Feminine” energy, she may communicate to problem-solve rather than express her feelings, she may be more of a leader in the outer world, and yet she can still be very attractive to men.

Historically, a woman’s role was to be mother, homemaker, and wife, so it was assumed that women were more oriented toward feelings, relationships, children, and domesticity; and men to action, career, finances and conquering the outer world.

But today we know that some women have more Masculine energy and love their work (like Mars woman) and some men have more Feminine energy (like Venusian men).  Don’t these singles deserve love too?  How can they go about finding it?

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Dr. Paulette Kouffman Sherman is a licensed psychologist, owner of My Dating School (, author of “Dating from the Inside Out”, published by Atria Books, a regular speaker at The Learning Annex and is the NY Love Examiner. She’s been an expert on television like the CBS Early Show & the AM Northwest Early Show and a radio guest on the Curtis Sliwa show. She’s been quoted on, USA Weekend, the NY Post, Newsweek,, More,,, Fox Business, Better Homes & Gardens, Reader’s Digest, Redbook, Glamour, Forbes, Woman’s Day, Metro news­papers, Men’s Health, Seventeen, Complete Woman magazines, and the NY Times. Her new book,When Mars Women Date: How Career Women Can Love Themselves Into the Relationship of Their Dreams e-book can be ordered on Amazon through October. It will come out in the print version in December. Learn more on her website:!