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Healing the World with Our Messages

This is a random picture I took of the book display table at The London Book Festival 2012 awards ceremony at the British library.  Many of these authors spent at least a year of their lives (some spend 10 years) writing and creating their book.  It is definitely a labor of love and it was great to meet them and to hold their book and to see how each one was healing the world with their message.

For example, I spoke to a children’s book author who was a policeman and wrote a story about bullying for both adults and children.  A doctor there had been helping out at disaster sites and wrote a book to help others in that arena.  Another author wrote a book about losing her husband to cancer and how that was a spiritual journey for her, which I am sure will help other partners who have lost a spouse.

For me, writing is often a way to make sense of my own experience (mine or of professional patterns I see with clients) and to give that message to someone who needs it but is in China, Japan or India.  With a book, remarkably, these people can go through that journey with you, even though you’ve never met.

While I wrote, ‘When Mars Women Date’ I could visualize a community of Mars women readers who were awaiting my book and this new community.  I knew they needed it.  In fact, after my awards acceptance speech, a few women came up to me and said emphatically, ‘I’m definitely a Mars woman! Can I have your card?’

Books help us to recognize ourselves in a deeper way and to join like-minded others to make a difference by shaping our world from the inside-out.