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What’s New: “You, Me and Baby Makes 3″ Dating:

I just heard that there’s a new Danish dating website for people who want kids soon.  It’s  I wondered whether something similar would pop up in the US soon.

As a dating coach I see a lot of singles who are ready to have kids soon and tend not to want to bring this up for awhile when dating.  They feel it’s too much pressure to have that conversation early in the relationship but they risk investing time with someone who isn’t on the same page.

This new dating website idea may circumvent this obstacle, making it clear where these singles are and what their context for a relationship will be.

The announcement said that more men than women had joined this new ‘I want a baby soon’ dating site.

British researchers found that men are almost as likely as women to want children, and they feel more isolated, depressed, angry and sad than women if they don’t have them.

The research found that the influences on men and women who wanted to have children varied.

Childless women were more likely to cite personal desire and biological urge as major influences, compared to men. Men were more likely to cite cultural, societal and family pressures than were women.

Robin Hadley, of Keele University, found that 59 per cent of men and 63 per cent of women said they wanted children.  Half experienced isolation because they did not have any children, compared with 27 per cent of women. Thirty-eight per cent of men experienced depression because they did not have any children, compared with only 27 per cent of women. One in four men experienced anger because they did not have children, compared with 18 per cent of women, while 56 per cent of men had experienced sadness because they did not have any children, compared with 43 per cent of women.

However, no men had experienced guilt because they did not have any children although 16 per cent of women had.

In the past, I’ve seen many women in their late 30′s desperate to meet the right person and to start a family before it’s too late.

Interestingly, lately I’ve also seen many more single women on the fence now about whether they want to have kids.  Some could go either way, depending on the relationship and the timing of things.  I’ve had some now who do not want kids and may not even want marriage; they just are seeking a lifetime companion. There are dating websites now that focus on singles who do not want kids too.  For example, check out:

Differentiating this at the start when it’s really an issue may save yourself some time and heartbreak!

Happy Dating!

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