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Why Women Creators Are Cast Out:

Last night I was thinking about the biblical stories of the first women creators: Lilith and Eve.  I am no biblical scholar but I believe Lilith was Adam’s first wife.  Reportedly, she wanted to be on top during sex sometimes, so she was relegated to demon hood.  She dared to have a mind of her own and to suggest a new way to come together as equals.

Later, Adam married Eve, who came from his rib.  Perhaps this birth was meant to keep her aligned with his ideas.  But Eve was also her own Creator. The consensus was that they should not eat from the Tree of Life.  Yet, Eve decided to take a bite and empower her choices with direct consequences in the physical world.  Adam and Eve went from being children (innocent and completely provided for) to learning the consequences of their choices.  And we have inherited Eve’s legacy.

So, women have long been creators and have been blamed for life’s imperfections in our physical world. Yet, they are the doorway through which every life must pass; the doorway through which all new creators come.

Finally, there are more female CEOs, more women graduating college and graduate school than men and more young female executives making more money than their male peers (at least in cities).  It makes me wonder:  What is the next fall from equality and grace?

Will history repeat itself or can we learn from it?  When will we stop blaming our mothers for all that’s gone wrong (a common therapeutic dilemma and refrain) and start owning our past and creating our future?  Can we (like Eve and Lilith) dare to make an unconventional choice in the office, at home, in politics or society?  Will we risk being blamed or disliked for our leadership?

Creativity is risky.  It promotes change and growth unlike the stasis of the hierarchical status quo of most industry and leadership today.

As more women come to power, perhaps the face of industry will change and become more humanized, responsive, responsible and fluid.  Maybe it will become aligned with the Earth’s needs as well.

Masculine and Feminine can finally come together to lead us into the power of love instead of the love of power.

You can begin today.  Decide for yourself: Are you still afraid of Feminine creators or will you embrace them?  Will you lift them up or cast them out?


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