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New Survey: Men & Women Have Similar Views on Sex & Dating!

A few weeks ago a survey came out saying that most men now think a woman should pay on dates.

Today I read about a survey done by Business Insider & Survey Money (see link below) polling single Americans about sex and dating and finding that men and women actually had similar views!

I recently released a book called ‘When Mars Women Date: How Career Women Can Love Themselves into the Relationship of their Dreams.’  (see link below).  It was a feminist and humanist dating book for career women who wanted to find love and create balanced partnerships at work and at home.  When I wrote it I found tons of research supporting the position that views and needs in romantic relationships were changing for men and women yet most of the popular dating experts and books still touted gender stereotypical notions in dating and romantic relationships.  For example, they’d tell women never to offer to pay, not to ask a man out, never to kiss him first, not to share her accomplishments early on, not to initiate sex (even in marriage) and much more.

But recently, even more research continues to surface to the contrary.

So, happily, today I will share some findings from the Business Insider & Survey Money survey:


-equal numbers of men and women went in for the kiss on the first date (70%)

-both men and women largely say they lost their virginity between 15-18

-Women feel even more comfortable than men dating multiple partners (43% women, 37% men)

-Both men and women support marriage equality (68% women, 58% men)


So my friends, times are a changing!  We need to reconsider our old dating rules and start from the first hello to see each other as equals and to be authentic about our dreams and desires, in work, sex and romantic relationships.  This will allow both men and women to be whole, both as individuals and in their relationships. It will encourage our children to balance roles in themselves and with their partner.

My Best in Love,



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