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The Women Mars Women Date Series:

I’ve created a When Mars When Date series, consisting of four books and a CD for this population that I call Mars women or successful career women.  It is dating help for career women.

When Mars When Date

The Mars Women in Relationship Workbook

We Are from One Planet

The Bath Date: 12 Ways to Revitalize your Love Life

Relationship Meditations for Mars Women – CD

My book, When Mars Women Date helps single career women to attract a true partner in love and work.  The companion workbook is called, The Mars Women in Relationship Workbook for single and married career women to concretize household and parenting tasks so that they are fairly divided.  The workbook also has exercises and a series of questions to help the reader ascertain if theirs is a true partnership.  There’s also Relationship Meditations for Mars Women, a CD of 19 meditations to help career women envision a mate who will share in work and domestic responsibilities and co-create a balanced, whole, loving partnership.  These meditations address authentic dating, respectful communication, shared domestic work and parenting and so much more!  There’s also a children’s book called We Are from One Planet that helps little girls and boys understand that all possibilities are open to them, regardless of their gender.  And now there’s, The Bath Date: 12 Ways to Revitalize your Love Life.  This is a fun, relaxing way for career women to come home to themselves and address their issues on a daily basis in a nurturing, connected, refueling manner.